Swim Naked in the Ocean

Feet sinking in the warm sand, I shed my ego with my clothes. I let go of everything weighing me down. Free and light. Leaving all feelings but love behind me I run free into the arms of the ocean. I feel her powerful embrace as she envelopes me, cleanses me, grounds me to the earth. 

When Sinead and I set out on our road trip from Margret River around the south west corner of West Australia in Barry (Barry White, her white 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser) our only plan was to be completely free. No restictions, anything goes, whatever road we see or town we liked we would be navigated by that feeling inside that calls us all to where we need to be. We picked up hitchikers in Pemberton, saw giant Tingle trees in Walpole, got caught in a beautiful storm in Denmark and found a great little hostel in Albany. When we got to the white sand beaches of Bremer Bay we felt like we made it. This spot was beautiful, squeaky white sand leading to a clear turquoise ocean. We waded across a river to a beautiful vacant beach in John's cove, stripped off our clothes and went into the ocean. We climbed a mountain, met amazing people and tried spectacular wines. We wandered through the forests and found a frigid swimming hole bathing naked on the rocks to warm up. People come into our lives when we need them and Sinead was my lovely lady adventure friend on a journey I needed, reminding me to accept what is and let go. 

When we can release our ego-based expectations and allow ourselves to accept everything as it is we become open to the opportunities that the universe provides. Accepting everything as it is does not mean we don't have the power or will to change it, it simply means not resisting, don't fight it, love it for what it is, learn from all situations and create our worlds to match our truth. Going into the waters naked is one of the most freeing and humbling experiences. Shedding our egos with our clothes we eliminate judgment of others and ourselves. We are all equal, we are all beautiful not one of us is better or worse. The more we appreciate the beauty and success of others the more we bring into our own lives. It's as simple as do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We can all let go of the heavy weights that we bear, whether it be from our relationships, responsibilities, work or unfortunate circumstances. Accept what is and let go of the weight that holds you back, move forward from a free and loving perspective. Carry no fear, let go of all anger, have no regrets and swim naked in the oceans.